Mandala Massage  - Voted Best of Missoula 2011- 2014!

*Many Services can be done
Long distance!

(p.s. a loving Shout out to you Dubliners and friends from Beijing and Saint Petersburg!
 I see you checking this site out--thank you!! Much love!!)
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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and Advocate for Women who are embracing their Spiritual journeys & physical healing. It's
my passion to help 
 find resources for you to embrace, pursue & nurture your beautiful Spirit, Mind and Physical Body. Please have the comfort & reassurance that I am  focused on providing a compassionate & honoring space for you to pursue your Spiritual needs, aiding in physical pain relief with massage & bodywork, well rounded teaching & advocacy. I am so pumped to give companionship to all who are ready to put your shoes on & walk YOUR path. Whether you are seeking physical or emotional pain relief,  looking to re-ground and connect with Your Soul by pursuing your purpose in life or seeking all of these types of gifts, I am honored to witness your Heart & do what I can to aide in your healin journey and claiming     


I look forward to our time together! Until then, look around and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, remember to check back    later for new updates!                                              

Blessings & Love
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