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Current Special:

Warrior Women!

Hello, My Name is Fenesa.

I am a Spiritual & Intuitive Healer. 
A passionate Women's Empowerment Advocate, 

I also love igniting the fire within Women with My Inspirational Writing & Artwork.

I'm also known as a kick-ass massage therapist all while...

Ahem.. being a Mom, Wife & super-heroine

Welcome My Fellow Warrior Women!

For nurtruing Yourself at home:
Check outthe Blogfor my latest articles!

 One of my greatest LOVES 
and calling in life,
 is to support and nurture other Women!

I love holding space for Women, & helping them to connect to that Divine Warrior Woman within.

For We are Souls with a body, 
not a just a physical body
 with a Soul.

WE are a fierce and powerful energy that can heal one another 
& heal the world!

I love helping Women to heal themselves emotionally, Spiritually and physically.  

When we join together, claiming our Spiritual empowerment, we have the ability to heal many layers of who we are.

Body, Mind & Soul.

The key is each other.

Sisterhood Heals!

( Another Great Blog Article)!

I would love to support You 
one on one.

Check out the blog for nurturing yourself at home and look at my services to get personal healing from Me!

You're Soul is sacred, and Your inner Woman powerful! 
Shine YOUR light Women!

Blessings & Love
to YOU Sisters!



p.s. a loving Shout out to you Dubliners,
friends from Beijing
Saint Petersburg!

 I see you checking this site out!!
Thank you &
Much LOVE!!




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